Trimph for Alex Penda as Salome in Santa Fe

Alex Penda hits home vocally and dramatically in Santa Fe’s Salome

she is an actor, and a singer who seemed to bloom into the darkness of the role the further into things she got. Standing in her slip and restating her demand for murder, again and again, her singing was as powerful as her dance, which was more trancelike than seductive. In the middle of it, a younger Salome is revealed witnessing the murder of her father at the same desk where Jochanaan sits now, lost in religious fervor. Penda successfully sings on a character journey from the bored, spoiled Princess into a full-fledged monster having a blow-out end to her own life. Throughout, her presence – vocally and dramatically – hits home.Michael Wade Simpson,, 10 August 2015

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Beyond Bel Canto

Early in her career, Alex Penda gained notices for her fearless portrayals of bel canto heroines. In recent seasons, her dramatic approach has instigated forays into weightier Germanic repertoire. This summer, she takes on the title role in a new production of Salome at Santa Fe Opera. MARIA MAZZARO speaks with the Bulgarian soprano about learning to love Strauss.OPERA NEWS, August 2015