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Electra is superficially simpler, but all of Mozart’s characters, especially the women, are a mix of competing and contradictory thoughts and feelings. With Penda, all those feelings were delivered with power and musical substance, and her range went from the fury of “Tutte nel cor vi sento” to the sweetness of “Idol mio.”

She is a total singing-actress who combines voice and physicality in the most remarkable way. Her big set piece ‘l’altra notte in fondo al mare’ exemplified this approach...

... she is an actor, and a singer who seemed to bloom into the darkness of the role the further into things she got. Standing in her slip and restating her demand for murder, again and again, her singing was as powerful as her dance, which was more trancelike than seductive.


Alex Penda as Salome

Alex Penda as Eboli

Alex Penda as Carmen